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No. 16 Nicholas M. (2006.08.14)
hi hera! it's nick...long time no see (or talk as the case may be). sorry i couldnt make it last weekend...i heard you and sarah had some good talks...sorry i missed them. i'm doing really well here, and i just wanted to thank you for all of your gracious assistance. im really enjoying life in korea and am trying to travel around as much as possible (at least when rain doesn't interfere:) I'm looking forward to meeting you in person whenever i get the chance to come up to seoul. anyway, i hope this e-mail finds you well and i hope to meet you soon! best, Nick
No. 15 Scott M. (2006.08.14)
Dear Hera, I want to thank you very much for the awesome weekend. Seoul is a beautiful city and I would love to come back for some more weekends again. We got back safely on Monday night and I made it to work on time (with about half an hour to spare!). Hopefully you can make it to Daejeon sometime, we'd love for you to come if you can. See you again when we do. Thanks again Hera, we think you're fantastic :-) Regards, Scott
No. 14 Devin D. (2006.08.14)
Thanks so much for the invite Saturday. I sent Hera a thank you email too, and will send one to Cessilia too. You have got to be one of the nicest people I've ever met. I had a great time. I know that you are all very busy, and I appreciate that you guys thought of us.
No. 13 Michael W. (2006.08.14)
Hello Niki, I have made it to Seoul and have found my school and apartment to be just perfect. Today as I was walking around the Itaewon part of town, I ran into your co-worker Hera. What a coincidence! She was very nice and I could not believe that she recognized me just walking by. Please keep in touch. Thank you once again. Sincerely, Michael
No. 12 Carrie T. (2006.08.14)
Hi Niki, I am doing great at my school, I just had a very successful presentation and I know the school is very happy. I also really love my living situation, so everything has turned out perfect. Thanks for all your help and finding me a good school. I have a question about a friend of mine who has heard about my experience and wants to teach in Korea now too! Cheers from Anyang! -Carrie
No. 11 Angie P. (2006.08.14)
Niki, I am great! I feel right at home here! I am really enjoying my time so far. Thank you so much for everything...you really helped out a lot to get here. Angie
No. 10 Ryan W. (2006.08.14)
While I have a few minutes before my next class, I wanted to write a quick e-mail updating you on how things are going here in Ilsan at Ziace Ap Class. The teachers and the school itself have gone out of their way to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I have now been here for almost 5 months, and have not had a single problem where someone was not willing to help. This is such a great institute to work for, and I highly recommend it. We have fantastic text books, all the supplies we need, not to mention a helpful and friendly staff. They have gone above and beyond my expectations many times. The most recent act of kindness that I experienced came just this past week. Being that our payday falls on a Saturday this month, we won't get paid until Monday. The school actually asked if I needed an advancement on my paycheck to get me through until Monday. I wanted to thank you for placing me with this institute, and so far, I have only kind words to say about Ziace. Thanks again! Ray
No. 9 Richard M. (2006.08.14)
Hello Apryl, I am happy to hear that you will be joining us here in Korea. It is a great experience and Cessilia has been incredible. If you ever need anything while you are here don't hesitate to ask her. She goes out of her way for us and that isn't normal. Most of the other teachers here don't ever speak to their recruiters once they arrive. As for Korea, it can be the most amazing experience as long as you have the right attitude. There are many westerners here and most of them are American or Canadian teachers like us. I am in a smaller town an hour and a half outside of Seoul. I am on my third month now and some of the locals have warmed up to me. All the local restaurants give me a free Coke or extra french fries because I am American. It's rather amusing. I am at a new LCI Kids club and I can tell you that it is worlds above the other hogwans (private schools) in my area. The director put a lot into our school and it is beautiful. We have kindergarten class in the morning from 10 to 2:30 with an hour for lunch. It isn't normal to have classes for that long here; we're trying something different. Our older kids stay for an hour and a half. Most other schools have 50 minute classes. We have over 150 kids and 6 teachers. Your school probably has more but with shorter classes. I haven't met any other LCI teachers that were unhappy with their work conditions so that's encouraging. LCI is one of the big names here so you know that they will pay on time and if you have any problems you can contact the head office through Ces. You shouldn't have any troubles there. As for what you should bring this is the important part so TAKE NOTES! 1. Deodorant. They don't use it here. You can't find it and if you do it costs $7 at least. Stock up! 2. Any specialty items. If you are picky about certain brands, you might not find them here. Nothing comes to mind off hand but I am not too picky so the local stuff is fine for me. 3. Medicine. Get the things you know you like. 4. Books and magazines. If you like to read in English it's a good idea. A typical mag in English will run you $7 or more. You can trade with the other teachers too. Check out Kyobo bookstore when you get here. It's the best selection for western tastes. 5. Spices. If you like to cook a certain style you may not find it here. I found oregano and parsley. There are western stores but it can be pricey. 6. Totillias. If you like fajitas like I do you will be happy. You'll be popular with the other teachers too. 7. Candy or stickers from home go over well in the classroom. The Korean staff might get a kick out of it as well. Anything from your home town might be cool. They love giving and receiving gifts here. I brought Disney stuff with me. 8. A few photos or items from home to show your class would be nice too. I run a show and tell in my kindergarten and everyone takes turns bringing something in including me. Honestly you can get just about anything here if you need to. There are western stores and the internet so don't stress out about any of this. It is nice to have a good supply of the things you feel comfortable with when you fist get here though. I hope this email helped you out. I am always here if you have any more questions. I'm sorry if this email overwhelmed you. Give me a call when you get here and we can meet up! Take care, Richard

No. 8 Jolene Y. (2006.08.14)
Hi, Everything's great! I just spent the past week preparing - which seems very professional. Everybody, staff and students treat me very well and I have lots of support. The apartment is FANTASTIC!!!! Brand new, four rooms, two balconies, a view and totally equipped with furnishings and mod-cons. Thank you for your interest. Yours truly, Jolene Young
No. 7 Charles A. (2006.08.14)
ParkEnglish has been very good to me from the very start of my ESL career. When I first inquired about teaching in Korea they were friendly and informative. When I made the decision to become an ESL teacher they were there to answer all my questions and assist me in every way. Since then they have supported me though out my time here in Korea. It has brought me piece of mind to know that I have people who are there when I need them. They have proven, over these past months, to be truly caring people, addressing each concern and question that I had, and taking time to make sure that I was doing well. Anyone interested in teaching ESL would do well to work with ParkEnglish. They too will learn the value of all that these wonderful people have to offer. Thanks to ParkEnglish and it's staff I have had a wonderful experience teaching in Korea. Sincerely, Charles Arnold
No. 6 Derek W. (2006.08.14)
Hi Niki! Sorry I haven't been able to write to you. Thank you for all your help getting me here! I love this town, the school is great, the staff is excellent, I'm having a great time here already. Thanks again for everything. Please keep in touch with me! I'm gonna try to get to Seoul one day, so if I do, I'll give you a holler. Talk to you later, Derek
No. 5 David B. (2006.08.14)
Kraig, First of all, congratulations. This school is a wonderful place to teach in Korea. The schedule is one of the best on the entire peninsula and the kids are all well-behaved (I'm sure Cessillia has told you that already though). Mrs. Lee (Nicky) is a great director and she will go out of her way to make sure that you are comfortable. However, do not come thinking that you can be slack. She will let you know if you are slacking off too much. You have to remember that even though PSA is a school, it is also a business as well. The other foreign teachers are pretty much a mixed lot. Some are very interesting, cool, and collective. On the other hand, some can be a little bit tough to handle on a daily basis. The work environment is very professional and every one tries to give each other a hand. The best part of the school, in my opinion, is the Korean teachers. They are all wonderful to work with and speak English very well. They enjoy their jobs and they are very helpful in adapting to the culture and the social life. As for a list of what to bring and what not to bring please give some thought to the following. -Deodorant is not common in Korea and often will cost a lot more then expected (I packed 6 sticks) -Most notebooks and laptops will have to be modified in order to run software here (usually most people just use the school's computers or purchase a new one here (soooo cheap) after a few months). -If you are loyal to a particular brand of tooth paste, then stock up. As far as clothing goes, try to dress professional. Dress shirts and slacks are common. You do not need to wear a suit or tie, but bring some with you because their will be moments when you will need them. If you have big feet, bring a few pair of shoes. (1 black, 1 brown, 1 pair sneakers is a good combination) September is considered to be fall time here so you may want to bring a light jacket and some long sleeves shirts. Most clothes can be bought here at a relatively lesser cost then in the US or Canada. The last thing you need to bring is a positive attitude and a willingness to be objective and nonjudgmental. You have to remind yourself that this is not your home country and that some things are just different. Don셳 get frustrated, try to ask why, or think your way is better. Korea is a different country with its own culture after all. You don셳 need to bring the following items: A cell phone (it will not work here), flip flops (they are all over), books on Korea or the Korean language (learn a little of the alphabet before you leave, or while your on the plane.) If you have anymore questions, please feel free to keep in touch. Talk to you later. David
No. 4 Jason M. (2006.08.14)
Dear Ms. Park, I have a new email address (again) due to the fact my only dependable email access at this time is at school and the internet server won't let me access MSN for some reason. So for the mean time I will be using this new email address. I am having a wonderful time in Korea now. It was little bumpy getting here though. When I arrived it took me about an hour to go through immigration for the simple fact that I had never done it before! I waited in line twice because I didn't know I had to write out an immigration form. Once I got out, Mrs. Choi and Irene were waiting for me and I apologized profusely for the delay, but they seem very understanding. The visa run in Osaka was also very stressful. Once again, immigration took entirely too long so by the time I got out of the airport it was already 1pm. Once we arrived (several other ESL teachers were doing the same run as I was), it took us a couple of minutes to get our bearings but the consulate was easy enough to find. However, having almost twenty English teacher all submitting request for the same visa clogged up the works and I did not get my visa until 5pm! From there it was a mad rush to the train in order to get on the flight at 7pm on time. Everything worked out in the end though. Mrs. Choi's family's hospitality was impeccable. I stayed there for two nights, as the apartment in Yong-in was not clean until Wednesday. We played cards one day and they took me out for Korean barbeque Monday. I can use chop sticks, but not properly, so Mrs. Choi's family took it upon themselves to teach me the mysteries of the chop stick. I am still learning, but my skill has much improved. I actually hold them in the correct manner now, though I will drop my food on occasion still. Still, they are fun to eat with. The apartmetn in Yong-in is nice. The interior is quite cozy, but the view outside does leave a little to be desired. I'm not one to dwell on appearances though, and with the new bed that I recieved yesterday I find the apartment to be perfect. Last night the faculty had a welcoming party and I attended with gusto. I had a brief stomachache as I drank about 5 shots of sonju in the space of 10 minutes and then proceeded the eat a hot pepper. The pepper is what really done me in. My friends in the states drink alot and though I don't drink nearly as much as they do, association has imparted on me a decent liver to deal with alcohol. Later we went to a singing room, and I brought the house down with 'Jumping Jack Flash' and 'A Hazy Shade of Winter.' I love to sing, so it was no problem for me to get up and sing and dance. I may have sung too much, as towards the end of my last song my voice cut out! I look foward to doing this again, but I don't think I'll sing 4 songs in one evening again. I have only been to two classes since school started, so I really haven't much of gauge about classes and all. I must admit my first class didn't go so well, but considering that it was my first class ever I think I did all right. My second class went much smoother and at this rate I be comfortable with teaching before the month is out (I should hope!!!). Once again, thank you for all of this and will keep in touch about my progress. Sincerely, Jason
No. 3 Gary S. (2006.08.14)
Cessilia, When I arrived at suncheon I was met by Mrs. Chung and her husband at the airport. They are both very nice. My apartment is very nice and today I am going to meet all of my co-workers for lunch. On Monday Mrs. Chung is going to take me to a cell phone place and the bank to setup an account. I will be in touch with my cell phone number in case you need to contact me, and I will also be using the same e-mail. I just want to thank you again for all of your help. I am really excited about being here and I think it is going to be a great year. Thanks again, Gary Schlosberg
No. 2 Daniel W. (2006.08.14)
The children at the school are delightful. Thank you. Daniel
No. 1 Adam D. (2006.08.14)
Hi Cessilia, Happy Lunar New Years! Yes, everything is going well. I love it here. I am not doing anything special this week but I am going to get out & see some of the sites. I will keep in touch. Talk to you soon, Adam

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