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No. 276 Rafaela St Juste (2022.11.21)
I wanted to thank you so much for everything that you've done. You have made this move 1000 percent easier for me. I have made to Korea and had my first day of work. Thank you so much and I will highly recommend your company!
No. 275 Ashley Hall (2022.03.29)
Thank you so much for following up with me. It has truly been a pleasure working with the school and I feel so fortunate to be able to work with the team here. I cannot thank you enough for placing me with the school! I hope all is well with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
No. 274 Ninoshka D'Souza (2021.12.22)
Thank you for your email, the school is excellent so far! My students are great, and Anthony and his wife are great to work with. The apartment they've provided is also amazing, and Geoje island is such a beautiful place to live! I have already recommended your company on many Facebook groups, but I will continue to do so!
No. 273 Erin Watson (2019.08.22)
Park English has been so, so awesome when it came to finding me a position last year. I was looking for a school to teach at quickly, and they didn't panic at all! They helped me find a school, get an interview, and organize all of my documents for my visa so smoothly. Their help really reduced my stress. And I really liked the school that they placed me with! The students were amazing, the staff was so helpful, and the co-teachers were great! I liked working with them so much, that when I wanted to move to a different city, I knew exactly who to come to. Thanks Park English! You're the best!

No. 272 Mariah (2018.12.06)
The school has been great so far. I have talked to many other foreign teachers here and found that many of them wish they had a placement like mine, so I'm glad that Park English helped me find this job. I've had no problems so far. It was a bit hard to get to meet people at first, but I have settled in fine.
No. 271 Gina (2018.09.21)
Thank you for all the help you, JJ, and your agency has provided! I've been at the school about three months so far and I have loved every minute of it! The director, his wife, and my supervisors are all great people, and go out of their way to help the staff. I get along great with all my coworkers (foreign and Korean), and adore the students! I was only planning on staying a year, but I love working here so much I intend on living here indefinitely.
No. 270 Andrew (2018.02.20)
E Bo Young Talking Club has been helpful with training me and giving me all the tools I need to fulfill my duties as an English teacher. They have inspired me and given me confidence to teach children and enrich their learning. I feel that the experience I gained from teaching English has become very helpful in daunting tasks such as giving an oral interview or presenting a speech in front of a large crowd. Those tasks are no longer something that haunts me but rather opportunities for me to grow and continue learning as an individual. I will never forget my experience at EBY Talking Club. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach abroad in Korea and experience the unique Korean culture as well.
No. 269 Jonathan (2017.04.10)
I've been busy adjusting to the school's schedule; however, everything is going well. I like the students and my coworkers. Everyone is very helpful. I don't know of anyone at this time who is looking for a job; however, I'll recommend you if I hear something. Thanks again for your help.
No. 268 Sarah Elizabeth Moro (2017.03.28)
I'm having a great time, and have been getting a lot of inquiries about coming out her so I've been telling people about you guys all the time. I love the school. Everyone here is very helpful and nice.
No. 267 Emily (2017.02.07)
Everything is going well here. The school is fantastic and I have not had any issues about my city or the company.
No. 266 Ashley (2017.02.06)
I am having an absolutely amazing time here in Korea! I love the school that I am in right now. The teachers and other foreign teachers are very helpful and friendly. If I ever needed any help with something, someone was around to help.
No. 265 Shelby and Stephen (2017.02.03)
We are doing well and the school in nice. The director is very kind and treats us well. We have never had any problems here.
Thank you for all your help with finding the job!
No. 264 Tricia Lynn Thomas (2017.02.02)
I am really enjoying the people I work with here and Mr. Willy is a great person to work for. There have been a few challenges but none that were not easily overcome.

Thank you again for all your help in finding me this position, I would recommend the job - and living on the island - to anyone interested in teaching younger children.

The island is truly amazing and I'm able to get out and explore somewhere new almost every weekend.
No. 263 Jocelyn Roeters-Robb (2016.05.02)
I am glad to say that the Education has, to date, been an exceptional institution to work for. They have been nothing but helpful, competent, and reliable, as well as friendly. Many of the staff have been with the school for more than a year, which is always a good sign that operations are running well and that the work morale is solid.

I will be sure to recommend Park English as a recruiter if any of my contacts so choose to teach here in Korea, as I am very pleased with my current position represented by Park English.
No. 262 Rachel Lauren Elling (2016.04.25)

While I wish I would have heard from you sooner, I am good and I love my school. It's a very structured and well run hagwon. Have a great day!

Have a great day!
No. 261 Nina Staer Nathan (2016.04.25)

I have been doing great. I think the school is great match for me and I am very pleased.

No. 260 Kimberly Erin Davids (2015.12.17)
I'm having a good time. I like my job a lot, the children are very well behaved and teachers are very nice. I can't say I have complete freedom in lesson planning, but the lessons are very straight forward and I get more creative freedom then some. I'm also the only foreign teacher, at first it made it difficult when meeting people but I'm getting my bearings now and doing some really fun things!
No. 259 Haley Lynn Weigman (2015.12.07)
Thank you for your email. I'm doing well at the school. I have excellent coworkers and the students are very fun. The location of my apartment is a bit isolating, and I have to take a bus to work and back, but I'm very happy to work for this school.
No. 258 Myr-Helene Boyer (2015.09.30)
I'm doing well. Living in this part of Seoul makes it really easy to adjust to Korea. Sometimes I forget that I'm actually here.
Things are also good with the school. There have been a lot of major changes with administration lately so its been a little hectic. Overall though I'm still enjoying my time there. They have already asked me to renew my contract for next year. I haven't made a decision yet, as its still too early on to know if I want to stay with them. I am pretty sure however, that I want to stay and teach in Korea after my contract ends, even if its not with my current school.
No. 257 Hannah Burns (2015.09.11)
I am enjoying my time in Korea very much! I am having a great time teaching at my school. It is keeping me very busy but I do not mind that. I am making a lot of friends with my co workers and I am having fun exploring the many sights that South Korea has to offer. I would like to thank you for helping me find this position.

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