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At Park English, we specialize in matching qualified candidates with teaching positions in Korea. If you have ever considered living abroad and teaching English, there are many jobs available in South Korea. Teaching in Korea enables you to meet energetic young people and enjoy an exciting, rewarding international living experience.


Teaching positions in Korea are abundant as the Ministry of Education has decided to hire an additional 500 teachers for English teaching jobs in South Korea. The Ministry has recognized the importance of English proficiency on the international business and diplomatic stage and has set goals for improving English throughout the country.


There are several benefits to teaching jobs in South Korea. Jobs in Korea pay between $24,000 and $35,000 for a twelve month teaching contract; on completion of a one-year contract, teachers receive a one-month bonus salary. Teachers work about 30 hours per week and typically around 120 hours a month. Other important benefits include health insurance, paid holidays and round-trip airfare. However, most teachers agree, the biggest benefit is the free furnished housing provided by schools, enabling teachers to save a significant amount of money during the year.


Park English is licensed by the Korean government and has a bilingual staff to help insure effective communication throughout the process. We carefully screen our applicants and match candidates with the best position from our extensive database. Park English has a high success rate of matching teachers with jobs in Korea and offering ongoing support throughout the employment process and in relocating to Korea.





Teaching English overseas is an exciting and unique experience for new teachers, or experienced teachers desiring a change. Living in another country and teaching abroad is a valuable experience that broadens your knowledge of the world and allows you to experience another culture in a way that is impossible with any short vacations, or even a longer stay; you will be fully-immersed in Korean society, living and working amongst Koreans.


The Korean government has set guidelines for teaching jobs. To qualify to teach abroad in Korea, the candidate must hold a bachelors degree. While a BA or BS degree in any major will fulfill the requirements of the South Korean government, preference is given to candidates with degrees in education and English. If a candidate holds a valid teaching certificate in his or her country of origin, this is another added bonus.


The degree, whether in education or another major, must be from an accredited university in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or South Africa. In addition, the candidate must be a citizen of one of these countries. The government prefers native English speakers from native English speaking countries for teaching positions.


The candidate must not have a criminal record in their home country and a background check will be performed to ensure no record exists. In addition, the physical and mental health of candidates for teaching jobs must be good. For more on the specifics of teaching abroad in Korea, browse our website or feel free to contact us. Complete our convenient online application to get started on the path to teaching English overseas.





There are many benefits to teaching in Korea. The biggest benefit of teaching ESL abroad is experiencing the culture and rich heritage of another part of the world. Korea has modern cities, friendly people and a commitment to education on the part of both the government and the people. Korea is a great place to experience living in the heart of Asia.


Traveling to other Asian countries during vacation time is easy from Korea; you will have the opportunity to experience more of the Asia during your stay. Contracts are for twelve months and can be renewed for teachers wanting to stay another year.  Browse our website for more information on the specifics of living in Korea and the requirements for teaching ESL.


The annual salary of teaching English in Korea is between $24,000 and $35,000, which is comparable with starting salaries in the U.S, and positions include health benefits. However, your salary will stretch much further when you are teaching in Korea due to your free furnished housing and free airfare; having your apartment and airfare paid for adds about $15,000 to your annual salary.


Park English is a great place to get connected with teaching positions in Korea. We are licensed by the Korean government and screen schools for the benefit of teachers. Jobs are plentiful in Korea, as the nation is committed to increasing English language usage throughout the country and is investing money in education to meet this goal.





Park English is a recruitment agency committed to helping match qualified teachers with teaching jobs in Korea. If you have considered teaching the English language in a foreign country, whether for the teaching experience or the experience of living in another country, Korea is an excellent place to start. Park English will help you through every step of the process, and offer continued support while you are teaching in Korea.


Once you have decided to pursue a teaching job in Korea, the first step is to fill out our online application. You will need to upload your resume and a digital photo. Submitting your resume and photo is a requirement in all Korean schools. Once we have received and reviewed your application, you will be contacted to discuss your application and preferences.


Based on your preferences, our staff will work to match you with an appropriate teaching position in Korea. Park English matches teaching candidates based on several factors, including qualifications and personal preferences such as location and age level students. After we have matched you with a school, you will be contacted to set up an interview with the school administration; the interview will be conducted by telephone.


Once an offer has been made and accepted, you will need to sign a contract. A sample of a basic contract can be viewed on the Park English website, along with information about qualifications and obtaining a teaching visa. After a position is accepted, you will start the process of obtaining an E-2 teaching visa, which is required to begin a teaching job in Korea.





Teaching English abroad is a great way to experience a new culture, whether you are a new teacher or a veteran teacher looking for a change. Teaching English in Korea allows you to experience Korea’s unique culture and history, while living in a modern democratic country. The Korean Ministry of Education has plans to hire 500 teachers each year to teach English to Korean students.


When you teach English in South Korea, you have the opportunity to experience a traditional Korean lifestyle in a way that is not possible on a vacation. Homes in Korea are generally built and designed to balance between negative and positive energy (yin and yang). Most families choose to decorate using the yin and yang principles, whether living in a large home or apartment.


While you are living and teaching ESL in Korea, you will have the opportunity to experience the music and art of this unique and ancient culture. Paintings and artwork dating as far back as prehistoric times have been preserved in museums; also you can enjoy performances featuring traditional music and dance.


Public transportation in Korea is extensive and efficient; getting around in Korean cities is easy with many options. Korea has an excellent bus system for both local and long distance trips. In addition, taxis are plentiful, fairly cheap and available throughout the country. Korea’s biggest cities, Seoul, Pusan and Daegu, have a modern subway network providing swift, efficient travel around the cities. The cost varies depending on the type of transportation and distance traveled, but typically is less expensive and more extensive than most western countries.





Teaching English as a Second Language is a rewarding experience. When you teach ESL in Korea, you make a difference in the lives of your students and open a new world of opportunity to them. Korea is an excellent choice for teaching. In Korea, education and teachers are held in high regard and ESL is an essential part of the education of Korean students.


Korean students and their parents take their education very seriously. Education is competitive and focused, with the goal for most students being entrance into a prestigious university. Children learn both in school and during their spare time. Most high school students, and many younger kids, are enrolled in additional private school courses which they attend after their full-day of public school.


ESL is taught in Korea throughout most of the child’s educational career. Instruction is started early, in the third year of elementary school; classes continue through high school. Early and continuous English instruction is done to ensure fluency by the time the students graduate from high school. English has become the language of international business and diplomacy, and the Korean Ministry of Education understands the value of students gaining proficiency in English.


Traditionally, English instruction in Korean schools was focused on grammar and written English, making students fluent in written English, but with little, if any, conversational skills. For this reason, the Ministry of Education chose to hire teachers from English speaking countries to teach ESL in Korea. If you have considered teaching English as a second language and would like to learn more about teaching ESL in Korea, browse our website for further information and then get in touch with us to get started.





ESL jobs in Korea are growing as the Ministry of Education plans on hiring 500 teachers per year to fill jobs teaching English as a foreign language. The Korean Ministry of Education has set goals to increase the English proficiency of Korean students and is offering ESL jobs in South Korea to native speakers of English who have a four-year university degree. Park English is a recruitment agency dedicated to helping teachers find jobs teaching ESL in schools in South Korea.


The Ministry of Education has set minimum requirements for ESL jobs in Korea. The Ministry prefers to hire native English speakers for jobs teaching English as a foreign language. Applicants from native English speaking countries will only be considered for these teaching positions. The reason for this requirement is to ensure a teacher’s native accent, which is one of the main concerns when hiring ESL teachers.


While an education degree or a degree in English is preferred, a four-year college degree in any area of study will meet the requirements of ESL jobs in Korea. The degree must be a four-year degree and be awarded from an accredited university. The university must be located in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or South Africa.


Your degree will need to be verified prior to being hired for an ESL job in Korea. Your original diploma can be mailed to your nearest Korean Consulate, and the Consulate will copy and notarize the degree and return your original diploma. Having your original diploma notarized is a necessary step to ensure all who are hired for ESL jobs in Korea meet the minimum education requirements of the position. If you want to by-pass the notarization step, you can mail your original diploma to our head office in Seoul with your visa documents; you will definitely get your original diploma back.




The biggest economic benefit to teaching ESL in South Korea is not the yearly salary, but the free housing provided for by schools. Ranging between $24,000 and $35,000, the salaries are comparable with starting salaries in western countries, but are not exceptionally high. However, due to free rent, a significant amount of money can be saved each year.


New teachers often choose ESL jobs in Korea as a way to save money for paying off student loans. Saving money to pay off student debt is particularly true of teachers from the United States and Canada. The lower overall cost of living in Korea combined with free accommodation allows teachers to save money, which a teacher may use to make additional loan payments and pay off their student loan faster.


The school where you are assigned provides you with an apartment where you will live. Free housing is not the only way to save money while teaching ESL in South Korea. The cost of living in Korea such as food, utilities and other expenses tends to be lower than in most English speaking nations, particularly Canada, the United States and the UK. Paying less for monthly living expenses leaves more for saving at the end of each month.


ESL jobs in Korea offer other benefits as well. Contracts for teaching ESL in South Korea include paid airfare, health insurance and paid holidays. Specific details about the benefits of ESL teaching and the exact salary will be provided when you are offered a position. Read more about the benefits of ESL teaching on our website and get in touch with us if you have any questions or are ready to get started.






Before you begin teaching in South Korea, you will need a visa. At Park English, we will help you through every step in the visa process. Once a school has hired you and a contract has been signed, all your E2 visa documents will be sent to your school so they can sponsor you for your teaching visa. Once you have been approved for a teaching visa in Korea, your visa issuance number, forms and detailed instructions will be provided by our head office in Seoul.


The application form for the E2 teaching visa and detailed instructions can be found on our website; there is a link to download and fill out the form. First, you will need to call your local Korean Consulate and make an appointment. Then, the visa application will need to be submitted to your local Korean Consulate along with two passport photos, an official sealed transcript, your passport and the visa issuance forms and number. First time teachers in Korea will need to make an appointment and go to the Korean Consulate in person, while experienced teachers in Korea can obtain the visa by mail.


Once the Consulate has received all the necessary documents from the teacher and the sponsoring school, the visa will be issued. The issuance time varies, but usually takes about a week from when all documents are received by the Consulate. Your flight to South Korea will be planned according to the date your visa will be received.


In some cases, a school needs a teacher right away and there is not time to wait for the visa procedure to be completed in a teacher’s home country. The Korean government allows teachers to come and begin teaching in South Korea while the visa is being processed, as long as the visa application has been submitted to immigration. When a school needs a teacher immediately, we send visa documents to immigration at the same time the teacher is arriving in the country.





At Park English, we specialize in matching professionals with English teaching positions in Korea. Our large database of schools and English teaching jobs and our relationship with the Korean Ministry of Education enables us to facilitate efficient communication between candidates and schools in need of an ESL teacher.


We are a Korean American company with offices in Seoul, South Korea to offer support to teachers during their stay in Korea. Our staff of professional and experienced ESL teachers is competent and knowledgeable in both helping candidates find a position and helping them relocate to Korea; from contacting you to talk about positions to acclimating to your new apartment in Korea, we will be there.


The first step in the process is to fill out our online application. A member of our team will contact you to discuss your resume and personal preferences for teaching English in Korea. Before communicating with our staff, it is a good idea to research the country and have an idea of where you may want to live and work while teaching English in Korea.


At Park English, we place teachers in the most respected schools. You will be teaching English in the best schools in Korea, where education is deeply respected and held in high regard, as are teachers. While you are living and working in Korea, Park English will be there to offer support and assist you in making friends; we host parties at our offices with other ESL teachers so you can meet other professionals and develop your new social network.



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