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Departure & Arrival in Korea

1. Preparing for Departure

Once you have sent the required documents to the Korean Consulate, you should receive them back in within a week if there are no unforeseen delays. During this time you should make your final arrangements to leave for Korea. This should include:

1) packing
2) confirming your flight information
3) confirming your ticket status (i.e. payment and where it must be picked up)
4) telling both us at PlanetESL and your school your flight information:

    a) flight number
    b) departure point and time
    c) arrival time and gate number
    d) seat number
    e) what you will be wearing (so whomever is meeting you can spot you easily)

PlanetESL will make sure that you are met at the airport and taken to your school. Prior to your departure we will ensure that you have detailed information, including email addresses and phone numbers to use in the event your escort does not arrive as scheduled or any other unforeseen problems arise. If there are any delays whatsoever before or during your flight, be sure to inform us and your school as early as possible.

  2. Vaccinations

Korean government regulations do not require any vaccinations of travelers except for those arriving from a plague, yellow fever or cholera-infected area. Some physicians recommend vaccinations against such diseases as hepatitis, tetanus, typhoid, typhus, cholera and polio. A physician should be consulted before deciding whether or not to obtain these or any other vaccinations before coming.

The following vaccinations are recommended by Dr. John Linton, MD, a U.S. Board certified physician at the Yonsei University College of Medicine and Director of the International Health Care Center in Seoul, South Korea:

Very Important:

Diphtheria, Tetanus: Updated every 10 years with a single booster. If not updated in the last ten years, it is necessary to start the series over. It is VERY IMPORTANT to do this before leaving the U.S., as reliable serum is in short supply in Korea.

Hepatitis B: Three shots over three months (1 month interval between the first two). A booster every five years should be administered. Hepatitis B is common in Korea. ETAs should try to receive as many of the shots as possible before leaving the U.S. The series can be completed in Korea.

Influenza: Annually. Available in Korea.

Sometimes Recommended:

Hepatitis A: A new vaccine does exist and has been approved in Europe. It is available in Asia, and some doctors recommend it for foreigners living in Asia.

Japanese Encephalitis: Two shots, separated by one or two weeks with a booster every three years. This disease exists in Korea although it is extremely unlikely that a foreigner will contract it. Since the consequences are serious, immunization is sometimes recommended. It is possible to be vaccinated after an epidemic is reported.

Vaccinations Not Considered Important For Korea:

    - Typhoid
    - Cholera
    - Pneumonia

All of these can be obtained in Korea in the unlikely event that there is an outbreak of the disease.

Although it is best to obtain vaccinations before departure, most vaccinations are readily obtainable in Korea. To avoid unnecessary discomfort while traveling, it is recommended that vaccinations obtained be completed at least one week prior to departure. Also, those planning to travel outside of Korea during their stay should check the health recommendations for those countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States provides this information.

  3. Arrival in Korea

When you arrive at Incheon International Airport, you will first arrive at the admitting area where your passport and visa will be checked. Most of the lines are for Korean nationals, but there are several lines off to the side for foreigners.

After the official admits you, you will move on to collect your baggage and go through Korean Customs. Customs officials are usually polite and nothing to worry about. If you have nothing to declare, follow the green line, and if you do have goods to declare, follow the red line. Be cautioned that Customs officials can check your bags at anytime. Visit the Korean Customs Service Travelers section for detailed customs information.

After you have cleared customs, you will exit into the main body of the airport. As soon as you clear the security doors, be watching for your escort who, depending on the time of day, will take you either to the school to meet your new boss or to your apartment to rest. Welcome to Korea!



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Basic Contract

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