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이름 Frida Samanta E
성별 Female ,Couple [ Ricardo Espinoza ]
위치 CA / United States
국적 United States
생년월일 1993-07-18
인종 Latino/Hispanic
희망 연령 NoPreference,
가능일 August 08 2022
관심 주거형태 Single
학력 Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Graduate Certificate in Paralegal Studies
경력 I was an English teacher in China for eight months. I taught children of the ages 3-10.
자기소개 1. My name is Frida and I love to travel, learn, teach, and try new foods. I loved living in China and am ready to move abroad again and this time with my husband.

2. Ear piercings

3. Location (centric to Seoul)

4. I can be reached any time before 8AM or after 5PM Pacific Standard Time.
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Suite #1006 Union Tower, 44-34 Yoido-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 150-890
P: +82-2-749-1140 (KR) | F: +82-2-761-7783 (KR) | P: +1 (646) 233-3113 (US)
Business License #:107-87-50215, Business Plate #:2011-3180167-14-5-00024, Rep: Jaejin Shim, Meta Education Inc

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