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이름 Valeriu Cristinel L
성별 Male ,Single
위치 Prahova / Romania
국적 Canada
생년월일 1972-12-01
인종 Caucasian
희망 연령 Middle,HS,UniAdults,
가능일 May 05 2022
관심 주거형태 Single
학력 Teaching English Second Language (100 hrs.) certificate
TESOL Certificate in Educational Studies(150 hrs) – TEFL College of teachers
Bachelor of Arts in English, University of Alberta , Canada
MBA Master in Marketing, Andrew Jackson University, USA
경력 Online english teacher
June 2021 – Feb 2022
Administers predetermined curriculum designed for each student with
specific lessons and goals Models strategies addressed in each lesson to insure
understanding of concepts.
Documents students progress with descriptive, concise and professional notes after each session.
Developed and implemented interesting and interactive learning mediums to increase
students understanding of course materials.
Preparing the lesson plans according to the needs of students
Evaluating the performance of the students and providing them a feedback Teaching English
by using various methods as well as audio visual aids
Al Jouf University, Saudi Arabia
Sep 2019- may 2021
English Lecturer
Developed and implemented daily and unit lesson plans for first year university
students, administered testing, tracked and analyzed class performance.
Conducted group and one-on-one r e a d i n g and writing activities. Developed excellent rapport
with students
Designed and taught lessons in English grammar, English composition, and English reading
curricula in classroom. Initiate supportive learning activities for ESL students that aim at
advancing their newly acquired L2 skills Assisted
other ESL teachers in lesson planning and implementation Charted
each student’s progress periodically by maintaining portfolios
Al Baha University, Saudi Arabia
July 2016-May 2019
ESL Teacher
Teach English as a Second Language to multilingual classes
of 24-30 students Tailor lessons according to student needs
Conduct activities that target confidence, perception, vocabulary building,
pronunciation practice and grammar Develop effective lesson plans for ESL classrooms
Incorporate technology in daily lessons
Facilitated the teaching process by ensuring availability of AV aids and communication
of task and assignment instructions
자기소개 Energetic and goal-focused education professional with solid qualifications in English Language
Teaching. Track record of consistently improving the standard of second language acquisition among
students through effective implementation of modern research based education methods. Active member
of the American ESL society. Fully up to date with latest research in effective teaching strategies applicable
to ESL.
Dedicated English Teacher who is very experienced in creating effective online lesson plans for a
variety of subjects. Adept at customizing lesson plans for small classes, assisting students in their
studies, and making sure that the proper class materials are available at all times.
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