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이름 Katie Annette D
성별 Female ,Single
위치 Lanarkshire / United Kingdom
국적 United Kingdom
생년월일 1997-03-05
인종 Caucasian
희망 연령 NoPreference,
가능일 August 08 2021
관심 주거형태 Single
학력 The University of Edinburgh
Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice
Sep 2020 - Present
Expected Award: PASS [degree is PASS/FAIL]

The University of Edinburgh
Undergraduate Law(LLB) Degree
Sep 2015 - Sep 2020
Degree Classification: 2:1
경력 British Sign Language (BSL) Teacher
September 2019 - May 2020
September 2018 - May 2019

I was the lead teacher for Edinburgh University's Sign Language Society. I taught BSL as a second/third language to adults of all ages.
I was in charge of creating all of the lesson plans, delivering the lessons, and ensuring all students passed accredited courses - which they did.

Lead Teacher for Local Youth Group
Summer: 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

I was a lead volunteer at a local youth group/summer school programme for 40 children aged 5-12.
I was in charge of ensuring that the children were on track with their extra tutoring, delivering the information in an engaging way, organising and supervising education excursions, and maintaining a supportive learning environment.
자기소개 My name is Katie and I am a 24 year old student from Glasgow, Scotland.
I am currently finishing my postgraduate degree and I am determined to find a teaching job in Korea commencing in August 2021.
I would say that teaching is one of my greatest passions as well as learning about other cultures and therefore I am very seriously looking for teaching jobs.

I have normal ear piercings and I do not have any tattoos.
I have no major medical conditions, only mild asthma and a peanut allergy. Both of which do not impact my daily life in any way. I previously suffered from poor mental health due to the death of my mother but have since become much better and no longer suffer from poor mental health. I now have very good mental health overall.

Location: I would prefer to be in Seoul. I would like to mainly focus on jobs in this area, or as close to this area as possible. However, I do realise that it is better to be flexible and so would consider the right job in Gyeonggi-do. I would also potentially consider Busan, but I have university friends in and around Seoul and would like to be close to them as I will be moving around the world.

Age Level: I have no preference on what age level I teach.

Schedule: Preferably, I would like a job that beings in the morning and finishes around 6/7pm. I would not like to work until 10/11pm. However, if the job was amazing, I would consider it.

Working environment: I would not mind being one of the only foreigners in a school as I would love to make local friends as well as international friends. I would just like to work with nice, friendly people.

The best time to reach me by phone would be 7am-10am KST or 4pm-8pm KST. I am always contactable by email.
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