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이름 Valerie Ann M
성별 Female ,Single
위치 New York / United States
국적 United States
생년월일 1966-02-20
인종 Other
희망 연령 NoPreference,
가능일 March 03 2021
관심 주거형태 No Preference
학력 Hunter College - City University of New York

Master's Level Education & History Classes (New York University & Long Island University)

Law School - two years completed

TEFL - completed
경력 I have taught in NY City & California Public School - varied ages

I have tutored students in English, History and Advanced Placement classes and currently still tutor students on line because of COVID - varied ages

I have developed curriculum and mentored teachers

I have worked in finance, marketing, real estate and sales
자기소개 My hometown is New York and I have been exposed to many different cultures. I have travelled and lived in many different parts of the United States as well as other countries. I would love the opportunity to have an immersive experience and learn about the people, history and culture and share my passion for learning. Most importantly I would like to have fun during the process of learning and teaching. Currently I tutor students in English and Advanced Placement History in New York City. I have also taught history, civics, and language arts in the New York City and California public school.

2. visible piercing, body art, minor/major medical conditions, both mental and physical - NONE

3. what is the most important factors for you regarding your job? (schedule, location, age level, working environment, etc.)- Children Centric Learning Environment

4. best time to reach you by phone - after 5:30 pm EST or Monday/Tuesday 10 am - 2:00 pm EST
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