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이름 Thomas Luke C
성별 Male ,Single
위치 / South Korea
국적 United Kingdom
생년월일 1987-01-29
인종 Caucasian
희망 연령 NoPreference,
가능일 March 03 2021
관심 주거형태 Single
학력 London Metropolitan University

Theatre Studies and Japanese 2.1
경력 Experience
Current Employer YBM ECC Kindergarten and Elementary
November 2020 – Present Day
November 2020 – Present Day
• Teaching Kindergarten student’s social studies, Math, Science, English Language and Literature, and P.E
• Writing and constructing dynamic and unique classes and plans.
• Evaluating students’ progress both in and out of the classroom.
• Creating Elementary classes for Elementary students. Creating a syllabus to teach all four aspects of English to students.

Previous Employment

– Aspre Education
September 2019 – Present
Japanese and Mandarin Teacher – West Sussex, United Kingdom
• Teaching Japanese and Mandarin Chinese to students’ in various schools’
• Teaching and delivering lessons with written, spoken, listening and, reading
• Delivering lesson plans and meetings with staff, students and parents
• Keeping log and plans for all classes with test results and creating tests and exams.
Taichung, Taiwan. Start and End position July 2018 July 2019

Wagor International Elementary and Junior High School
Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher, and Grade 5 Computer Science Teacher
• Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher, teaching Reading, Creative Writing, Language Development and Modern Studies
• Computer Science teacher for Grade 5, teaching Coding and Technology
• Preparing and producing lessons based on the International Curriculum.
• Keeping records and marking students work
• Attending Grade meetings to further the students’ progress.

August 2017 – July 2018
Jesuitas Primary and Secondary School
Zaragoza, Spain
Grade 4 Home Room Teacher
Subjects Taught – English Language and Literature, and Drama
• Teach Elementary, Junior and Senior High School Students English and Drama, in English.
• Create lesson plans and execute them, professionally and precisely.
• Work with Spanish teachers to co-ordinate students’ progress.
• Develop lessons and meet deadlines.

Employment History – August 2016 – June – 2017
Lih-Jen International Kindergarten, Elementary and Junior High School
Xinyi Anhe
Grade 4 Home Room Teacher
Subjects taught – English, Maths, Science, Social-Studies, Japanese and Drama
Roles and Responsibilities
• Teaching all of the above subject’s per-week to Grade 4 students.
• Lesson Planning and writing reports and exams for students.
• Working with Chinese Teachers in and from other Grades.
• Creating work and ideas outside of the classroom, such as Assemblies, posters and plays.
• Being punctual with not only attendance but marking and lesson planning.
• Weekly meetings to discuss how to improve the school.
• Meeting with parents to discuss the individual student’s progress.

Past Working Experience

Central Sussex College – Crawley, UK October 2015 – June 2016
Teaching Japanese
Teaching the language of Japanese in reading, writing, listening and speaking to adult students at Central Sussex College. Enlisting students to sign up for the course to study the language. Creating a curriculum to suit the needs of the students and to follow what is advertised in the course created by myself. Keeping students wanting to come back every week to keep learning and to progress.

Stars Gymnastics – Brighton, Storrington and Henfield, UK September 2015 – June 2016
Gymnastic Coach
Coaching the sport of Gymnastics creating plans and progression reports on a weekly basis. Attracting new prospective students to sign up and learn the discipline of Gymnastics. Managing other coaches to achieve results and progressions through awards and competitions.

K-International School - Tokyo February 2013 to July 2015
Home room Teacher
• Attracting prospecting parents to sign up with the International School to achieve sales targets and deadlines. This is produced through results students have achieved by graduating to internationally recognized Universities. Conversing in Japanese and English on a professional basis to create a solid rapport with the parents (customers) for them to trust the school to achieve the results that for their children. Using the Schools reputation as a key selling point being able to understand the importance of reputation that not only the school but companies need. Through this to work in a team to achieve all of these important fundamental factors.
• Teaching 5 to 6 year olds all elementary subjects including
• English, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education.
• A variety of lessons in the subjects of English, Hip-Hop and Gymnastics.
• Develop and create different lesson plans. Attend weekly meetings.
• Helping the Principal write letters to parents and other administration work.
• Writing progress reports for students to record their progress.
• Discussing students’ progress with parents at events and parents evening.
• Using English and Japanese to communicate with parents and students.

Sagan Speak School - Tokyo March 2012 – February 2014
Assistant Language Teacher
Assisting the Japanese English teacher in the role of native speaker.

Hamptons School of English - Tokyo March 2011 - February 2012
Assistant Language Teacher
Assisting the Japanese English teacher in the role of native speaker.

Mirai English School - Hamamatsu June 2010 - February 2011
Head English Teacher
Developing the curriculum for the privately owned school teaching English language infant to adult.

English First Education - Hohhot China June 2009 – June 2010
English Language Teacher
Teaching English language to infants to adults.
자기소개 Interests include travel, music (dance), gymnastics, languages, theatre, reading and football.

Would describe myself as a person who wants to learn as much as I can. To further myself with education and training in a job with my language ability in Japanese. With experience in many fields such as teaching English, Drama, Gymnastics and Dance and as many subjects I can study. Furthermore I want to develop other skills in a variety of different genres.
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