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이름 Georgia Louise W
성별 Female ,Single
위치 Surrey / United Kingdom
국적 United Kingdom
생년월일 1998-08-20
인종 Caucasian
희망 연령 NoPreference,
가능일 June 06 2022
관심 주거형태 No Preference
University of Surrey- Mathematics M.Math (First Class Honours)
학력 University of Surrey- Mathematics M.Math (First Class Honours)
경력 - 1 year assisting and teaching English/Maths at a secondary school (UK)
- Online ESL tutor
- Language Assistant at University Library
자기소개 1. I am a passionate and motivated educator, having taken on teaching and mentoring roles throughout my working life and at university. This has brought me profound experience in working with learners of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, through which I have become adept at determining the learning goals and needs of individuals and constructing learning plans to help them meet their aims. Most significantly, as a Learning Mentor, I was required to plan and deliver targeted lessons to secondary students needing further learning support. This role greatly developed my ability to tailor my teaching methods, resources, and approaches to match the requirements of individuals. Furthermore, in this position, I met regularly with staff to recommend improvements to courses, as well as provide accurate feedback on students’ progress. These responsibilities have significantly enhanced my overall professionalism and ability to cooperate within a team.
I am a proficient written and verbal communicator, having worked with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. As Wellbeing Officer, I provided peer support to students facing sensitive mental health, accessibility and exclusion issues, identifying their specific needs and proactively recommending resources to develop a wellbeing plan. This role has enhanced my professionalism when dealing with sensitive issues; it was essential to maintain confidentiality when raising concerns at departmental and university conferences. Passionately supporting a broad range of individuals, I have developed into an active and empathetic listener, as well as a confident speaker with an ability to tailor my communication to my audience. Furthermore, the mental health, disability, and safeguarding training courses I completed for the role have greatly enhanced my ability to deal with sensitive student concerns safely and appropriately.
Managing my extracurricular projects alongside studying, I have become competent at task prioritisation and time management. This is demonstrated by my consistently high university grades, achieving an average of 90% and, in particular, attaining 92% on my master’s research report, a year-long project I managed alongside module deadlines and exams. These accomplishments reflect my ability to independently balance workload whilst maintaining an exceptionally high standard of work and attention to detail. I have also learned to embrace flexibility, having adapted my working methods to the unforeseen challenges of studying during the COVID-19 pandemic.
I am motivated and growth-oriented, always seeking opportunities to develop core and technical skills. Most recently, I completed a TEFL certification with International TEFL Academy. This included both a theoretical component and a teaching placement, an experience that has allowed me to apply both my existing teaching expertise and new knowledge to an ESL classroom. Overall, I feel that the course will greatly help me to focus my teaching competencies on optimising the experience of ESL learners.
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3. Location, schedule
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