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이름 Jordan Levi G
성별 Male ,Single
위치 Gyeonggi-do / South Korea
국적 United Kingdom
생년월일 1995-07-12
인종 Caucasian
희망 연령 Middle,HS,UniAdults,
가능일 March 03 2020
관심 주거형태 No Preference
학력 TEFL (120 hours)
Degree: BSc Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
경력 1 year teaching in a private academy in Korea.
(ages 8-19)
Volunteer teaching assistant at a U.K. primary school.
Volunteer experience at the 'Scouts' in the U.K.
자기소개 I am a meticulous and conscientious person who enjoys helping others succeed and make the process fun while doing so. From my previous year in Korea I have really enjoyed my time here and teaching experience and I'm very keen to continue it in a more vibrant part of Korea.
I have no piercings or body art.
My only medical issue is minor asthma.
I think the most important factors for jobs are having a good working environment with enthusiastic people and having a schedule that doesn't take over your life outside of work.
The best time to reach me is between 08:00 - 12:30 KST or after 22:00 KST
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P: +82-2-749-1140 (KR) | F: +82-2-761-7783 (KR) | P: +1 (646) 233-3113 (US)
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